Phoenix Rising: A New Chapter in the Captain Power Saga

Fifteen years after humanity has lost a devastating war against an Artificial Intelligence called Overmind, Jonathan Power — the son of the man who caused that war - learns the truth about his father, and discovers a new type of battle armor that will enable a small, mismatched team of soldiers and civilians to fight back against the robotic armies of the New Order. The Phoenix Technology underlying the virtually impregnable new suits augment their wearers’ speed and strength, allowing hu­mans to fight robotic soldiers on equal terms. But at what cost? The New Order’s goal is to create the next stage in human evolution: Transhumans, a blending of biology and technology that becomes something greater than its parts. But isn’t that what the Suits are? Have Jonathan and his team become the very thing they’ve sworn to fight? As Jonathan Power embarks on his hero’s journey to learn the whole truth about his father, himself, and his world, not all of his battles will be fought in the land, sea, and air. Power will come to learn that the hardest battles of all will be fought within the hearts and minds of his own soldiers and himself.